Saturday, January 21, 2012

Newt Gingrich - The 'Kiss My Ass, Women Voters' Candidate

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Newt Gingrich has a gender chasm going against him with women.

How could he not? His disdain for women oozes from his very being. He uses women for his own purposes and then throws them aside.  Two ex-wives got the heave-ho while ill, in each case traded-in for a younger model. And Gingrich's political beliefs about women are equally disgusting, from criminalization of abortion to attacks on women-headed households to opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment, Family and Medical Leave, and other pro-women, pro-family policies. Add in his Olympic level-hypocrisy, and the average woman voter -- even in conservative South Carolina -- cringes.

Republicans generally start off with a negative gender gap among women, but Gingrich's is truly historic. Romney, on the other hand, has a much smaller gap -- one that could be managed in a general election.

The results of tonight's South Carolina Primary should be interesting. If women turn out in droves, it will be to vote against Gingrich, not necessarily to vote for anyone. But they will vote for Romney by default. (Ron Paul and Rick Santorum have far larger gender gaps than Romney.)  But if women say to hell with it and don't show up, Gingrich will ride in on men's votes. [Insert obligatory penis/male joke here.]

But I have to say that I'm conflicted about what will happen. As a woman, I don't want Gingrich to win. But as a Democrat, I don't really want Romney to win.

After all, with Newt's track record, if he were the Republican nominee, you can be sure he won't let a little thing like a Presidential campaign interfere with his search for his next mistress and future Ex Mrs. Gingrich #4. He just won't be able to help himself.