Sunday, April 22, 2012

Correction and Update on Attorney General’s race

I was contacted today by Patrick Murphy’s political and communications director with online information that the Westboro Baptist Church had picketed Catherine Baker Knoll’s funeral.

I apologize to Patrick. I tried to confirm his account before I wrote my blog, but had not succeeded.

I’m delighted to make the correction – I was, as I said, shocked at what Patrick had said. I am pleased that he didn’t misspeak about the picketing.

However, Patrick was wrong in his remarks at the Allegheny County Democratic Dinner when he said Catherine was pro-choice. She was not, and I know she would want that record corrected. She was a strong woman who had to take on the male establishment every time she ran, and she did it on her own terms. It is only right that we remember her as she was.

I still firmly believe that Kathleen Kane is a far better choice for Attorney General and deserves better treatment than she has received by the men of the party. Similarly, the attacks on Rep. Babette Josephs and Cong. Allyson Young Schwartz are beyond the pale.

There is not one woman on the endorsed slate in Allegheny County, and if Kathleen does not win the Primary, we will have an entirely male slate statewide. Yet our hopes of winning in November depend largely on women’s votes. We cannot always hope that the Republicans declare war on women to drive women voters into the Democratic column. We actually have to provide a home for women, and that means on all levels, in leadership, and on the ballot.

Once again, I apologize to Patrick. However, Kathleen Kane will make a far better Attorney General.

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