Friday, December 16, 2011

Sometimes all you can do is help one person

So many terrible things happen to people, and usually you can’t make much of a difference. But here’s one where you can.

This story about Odessa Wilson just about broke my heart. She’s 82, on a very limited income, and just had to decide whether to keep her house insured, or to pay her utilities. She chose the utilities.

On Sunday, a drunk driver drove right into her house, causing over $13,000 in damages. The driver had the state minimum in liability, so Ms. Wilson will get under $5,000 from the driver’s auto insurance.

I talked to Jim Parsons, the reporter who broke the story, and he said that no fund has been set up, and that it is likely that the local social service agencies won’t be able to help much either. But he did give me Ms. Wilson’s address -- 2322 Centre Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15219.

So, if you can, join me in making a difference in one woman’s life. I sent a check today.

On a political note, this is such stark evidence of how the economy works against women, the elderly, the poor. I simply cannot stand that this is how our society treats people who have always played by the rules.